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>> ‘God’s Word Is True’: Geologist Says Unusual Discovery in Antarctica Confirms Biblical Flood Account (Christian News Network)

>> Man Who Identifies as Woman Lifts 600lbs, Wins Medal in Women’s Weightlifting Competition (Christian News Network)

>> Missing the Point (Come Awake)

>> Atheist Flag to Be Raised Over New Hampshire Ten Commandments Monument (Christian News Network)

>> Dating Creation Week: A Fun Biblical Challenge (The Creation Club)

>> ‘Play, Don’t Pray!’ Atheist Group Lodges Complaint After Coach Photographed Praying With Team (Christian News Network)

>> They Will Know We Are Christians by…What? (Come Awake)

>> Act of Censorship? Wikipedia Page for Scientist Who Supports Intelligent Design Deleted (Christian News Network)

>> Clothing Retailer Topshop Confirms Its Changing Rooms Are ‘Gender Neutral’ Following ‘Transgender’ Complaint (Christian News Network)

>> Why Our World Seems Broken (Come Awake)

>> Physicists Claim to Have Pinpointed Date of Sun Standing Still for Joshua, According to Disputed Report (Christian News Network)

>> Genesis 1: Vague Allegory or Precise Historical Record? (The Creation Club)

>> California Governor Signs Bill Allowing Residents to Identify as ‘Nonbinary’ on Driver’s Licenses (Christian News Network)

>> Is Christ Worth It? (Come Awake)

>> U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Life Begins at Conception, Improving Healthcare Includes Unborn (Christian News Network)

>> Atheist Group Urges Investigation Into Coach’s Gesture to Unite Teams in Post-Game Prayer (Christian News Network)

>> Why Does Our World Seem Broken? (The Creation Club)

>> Is God Really Good? (Come Awake)

>> ‘In Satan We Trust’: Florida Atheist Plans to Erect Six-Foot Metal Pentagram in City Park (Christian News Network)

>> Crowd Recites Lord’s Prayer at Football Game After Group Complains About Loudspeaker Prayer (Christian News Network)

>> 15 Things I Wish I Had Known As a College Freshman (Come Awake)

>> Biologist Acknowledges: ‘Rising Number of Publications’ Calling for ‘Major Revision’ of ‘Standard Theory of Evolution’ (Christian News Network)

>> Discovery of Ancient Human-Like Footprints Challenges Evolutionary Narrative (Christian News Network)

>> Christians Dispute Claim That Genetic Link Between Ancient Canaanites, Modern Lebanese Contradicts Bible (Christian News Network)

>> Buckle Up (Come Awake)

>> Why We Should Fact-Check Our Apologetic Arguments (The Creation Club)

>> Researcher Verifies Historical Existence of 50+ Men in Old Testament Using Archaeology (Christian News Network)

>> It Is Well with My Soul (Come Awake)

>> Archaeologists in Israel Discover ‘Mesmerizing Proof’ of Event Described in Bible (Christian News Network)

>> Fast food competition: ranking America’s top QSR chains (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> And Can It Be (Come Awake)

>> Mayor Defies Atheist Group’s Demands, Vows to Keep Bible Verse on Courthouse Wall (Christian News Network)

>> The huge difference between 6,000 and 4.5 billion (The Creation Club)

>> Northwestern University Announces Opening of Gender-Neutral, Multi-Stall Restroom (Christian News Network)

>> Grieving Parents Say ‘Blue Whale’ Social Media Challenge Led 15-Year-Old Son to Commit Suicide (Christian News Network)

>> Our (Fake) Storybook Lives (Come Awake)

>> Lubbock, Amarillo, Abilene, and other west Texas cities register strong population growth (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Atheist Group Urges Fire Dept. to Remove ‘Blatantly Unconstitutional’ Cross From Fire Station Lawn (Christian News Network)

>> Where Are All the Men? (Come Awake)

>> Park Service Reverses Decision, Allows Christian Geologist to Study Grand Canyon Following Lawsuit (Christian News Network)

>> A Matter of Time (The Creation Club)

>> Lesbian Woman Creates ‘LGBT Bible App’ to Promote ‘Inclusivity’ Within the Church (Christian News Network)

>> Aching for Our Creator’s Love (Come Awake)

>> Big Bang in Trouble? Physicists Challenge Key Component of Cosmological Theory (Christian News Network)

>> Where’s the Fruit? (Come Awake)

>> Three Things Evolutionists Believe (The Creation Club)

>> Praise from the Pits (Come Awake)

>> Christian Geologist Sues National Park Service for Denying Request to Conduct Research in Grand Canyon (Christian News Network)

>> A Glimpse Inside the Courtroom of God (Come Awake)

>> For God so loved a pale blue dot (The Creation Club)

>> Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Suggests Parents Should Be Penalized for Having ‘Extra Kids’ (Christian News Network)

>> Profanity-Yelling Students Spit On, Vandalize Pro-Life Display on University Campus (Christian News Network)

>> College Football Coach Unfazed After Atheist Group Takes Issue With Social Media Posts (Christian News Network)

>> Marching Toward Oblivion (Come Awake)

>> The Blessing of Uncertainty (Come Awake)

>> Atheist Mocks Bible, Praises ‘Trinity of Science’ in Invocation Before Iowa Legislature (Christian News Network)

>> Faith + Confidence (Come Awake)

>> Two Science Books That Changed My Worldview Forever (The Creation Club)

>> ‘Junk Science’? Biblical Creation Group Included on List of Disreputable Websites (Christian News Network)

>> Man Who Identifies as Woman Dominates Female Weightlifting Competition (Christian News Network)

>> CBC Capital Advisors recognized for outstanding 2016 production (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Day 21 | Hebrews 5:8-9 (Come Awake)

>> City Leaders Push Back After Atheist Group Demands Removal of Cross From City Hall (Christian News Network)

>> Day 16 | Isaiah 46:9 (Come Awake)

>> Coldwell Banker Commercial presents 2016 year-end Blue Book (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Controversial New Hampshire ‘Bathroom Bill’ Tabled After Hundreds Express Opposition (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Physicist Says New Evidence of Africa’s Wet Past Points to Biblical Great Flood (Christian News Network)

>> Day 3 | Romans 4:17 (Come Awake)

>> Evolution and the character of God (The Creation Club)

>> Hundreds Gather for Opening of ‘Why the Bible Is True’ Exhibit at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter (Christian News Network)

>> New report shows remarkable strength of Texas and Lubbock real estate markets (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Guilty as charged (Come Awake)

>> Lubbock economy continues record-setting growth (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Blurring Gender Lines? Pastor Concerned After American Girl Introduces First Ever Male Doll (Christian News Network)

>> Historic Cave Discovery in Israel Renews Hopes of Finding More Dead Sea Scrolls (Christian News Network)

>> Lubbock’s unemployment rate remained well below state’s and nation’s throughout 2016 (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Craving Affirmation (Come Awake)

>> Discovery of ‘Astonishing’ Fortification From Solomon’s Time Confirms Biblical History (Christian News Network)

>> The overwhelming vastness of space (The Creation Club)

>> The final semester & answered prayers (Come Awake)

>> Is Genesis History? New Film Affirms Truthfulness of Biblical Record (Christian News Network)

>> Wholesome Fun? Popular Children’s Magazine Includes Homosexual Men in Latest Issue (Christian News Network)

>> Democratic Rep. Files Resolution to Recognize ‘Darwin Day’ on Feb. 12 (Christian News Network)

>> For God so loved a pale blue dot (Come Awake)

>> Some Upset After Indiana Pizza Delivery Man Gives Customers Gospel Tracts (Christian News Network)

>> Report: Over half a million U.S. residents relocated to Texas in 2015 (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Run! (Come Awake)

>> New Utah Caucus Aims to Advance Secularism in Politics (Christian News Network)

>> Trying so hard to understand our Creator (The Creation Club)

>> ‘Gender Revolution’? National Geographic Magazine Cover Spotlights Boy Who Believes He Is a Girl (Christian News Network)

>> The Wonder of Christmas (Come Awake)

>> Texas again leads nation in population growth, says U.S. Census Bureau (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Perplexed Scientists Think C-Sections During Childbirth Are Affecting Human Evolution (Christian News Network)

>> Bird or Dino? Fossilized Feathered Tail Ignites Debate Between Evolutionists, Creationists (Christian News Network)

>> Report: Texas cities leading the way in economic and urban growth (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Coldwell Banker Commercial survey sheds light on modern shopping trends (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Jesus wept. Why? (Come Awake)

>> ‘Glorifying Sin’? Popular Jewelry Chain Spotlights Lesbian ‘Wedding’ in New Ad (Christian News Network)

>> How to read Genesis (and the rest of the Bible) in a fresh, exciting new way (The Creation Club)

>> NASA Research Findings Stun Scientists, Seemingly Defy Important Law of Physics (Christian News Network)

>> ‘I Want to Live Longer’: Cancer Victim Asks to Be Frozen Upon Death in Case World Can Later ‘Wake Me Up’ (Christian News Network)

>> Lubbock’s and Abilene’s economies weathering drop in oil prices better than Midland and Odessa (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Scientists Discover Musical Complexity in Birds That ‘Utterly Defies Evolutionary Predictions’ (Christian News Network)

>> Report: Number of Homeschooled Students in U.S. Approaching Two Million (Christian News Network)

>> Are you equipped to make a difference in our post-Christian society? (The Creation Club)

>> Migrating to Lubbock: map shows where people who move to Lubbock are coming from (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Students ‘Appalled’ by Catholic University’s Decision to Forbid Pro-Life Poster (Christian News Network)

>> Evidence of a Young Moon? Study Forces Scientists to Rethink Lunar Dating Techniques (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Scientist Fired for Challenging Evolution Awarded Financial Settlement (Christian News Network)

>> Archaeologists Uncover ‘Fascinating’ Evidence of Bible’s King Hezekiah in Israel (Christian News Network)

>> Brilliant Chemist Reveals Devastating Weaknesses in Evolutionary Theory (The Creation Club)

>> Washington Attorney Advises Elementary School to Approve ‘After School Satan’ Club (Christian News Network)

>> Report: Those Who View Images of Aborted Babies Are Less Likely to Support Abortion (Christian News Network)

>> Bigger, bigger, bigger: the Lone Star State’s record-breaking population growth (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Lubbock market data: 6 useful links for tracking the economy and real estate market (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> ‘Increasingly Aggressive’ Atheists Target Children in New Evolution-Promoting Book (Christian News Network)

>> With increased budget of $2 billion, tier one Texas Tech continues making strides (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? (The Creation Club)

>> Don’t be discouraged (Come Awake)

>> Replacing God with Einstein: Atheists Seeking to ‘Pray’ at Pennsylvania House File Lawsuit (Christian News Network)

>> The Lubbock Outer Route: 10 things you should know (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Pierced for our transgressions (Come Awake)

>> Texas leads nation in entrepreneurial business startups (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> ‘The Darwinian View is False’: Ph.D. Biologist Dismantles Evolution in New Book (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Extreme Natural Disaster’: Scientists Find Evidence Supporting Chinese Account of Great Flood (Christian News Network)

>> Are you dead? (Come Awake)

>> Report: Texas and Lubbock housing markets both performing well in 2016 (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Leading Faith-Based University Embraces Obama Admin’s ‘Transgender’ Mandate (Christian News Network)

>> Are all religions the same? Or is Christianity different? (The Creation Club)

>> CBC Capital Advisors recognized as a top company of Coldwell Banker Commercial (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Original Garden of Eden? U.N. Recognizes Wetlands in Iraq As World Heritage Site (Christian News Network)

>> Report: Lubbock one of the best cities in the country for driving (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> What if…? (Come Awake)

>> Disturb us, Lord (Come Awake)

>> Insatiable (Come Awake)

>> Texas population growth leads nation—and it’s not even close (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> University Founded by Methodist Church to Offer Sex Change Surgeries to Students (Christian News Network)

>> What is man? (The Creation Club)

>> Second fully-staffed Amazon pickup location in Texas to open in Lubbock (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> ‘Nobody Understands’: Chemist Debunks Evolutionary Viewpoint on Life’s Origins (Christian News Network)

>> The Immeasurable Value of Failure (Come Awake)

>> Lubbock Economic Index reaches all-time high in April (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> School Calls Police on Seven-Year-Old Who Brought Bible Verses to Read at Lunchtime (Christian News Network)

>> Astronaut Who’s Spent More Time in Space than Any Other American Believes in Biblical Creation (The Creation Club)

>> Scientists Beginning to Doubt Discovery Once Touted as Evidence for Evolution (Christian News Network)

>> At-one-ment (Come Awake)

>> Atheist Ads Mocking Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter Rejected by Billboard Companies (Christian News Network)

>> Inscriptions Found in Ancient Fortress Support Biblical Timeline, Challenge Skeptics (Christian News Network)

>> Scowling Little Children (Come Awake)

>> Research Biologist Says Bible, Not Evolution, Accounts for Human DNA Diversity (Christian News Network)

>> At-one-ment (The Creation Club)

>> Canadian Police Officers Practice Meditation in Buddhist Temple as Part of Training (Christian News Network)

>> The Arm(s) of the Lord (Come Awake)

>> Ancient Lizards Preserved in Amber Could Pose Problems for Evolutionists (Christian News Network)

>> New Hampshire Supreme Court Rules in Favor of School Counselor Who Helped Teen Obtain Secret Abortion (Christian News Network)

>> Shedding of Blood = Forgiveness of Sins. Why? (Come Awake)

>> Comb Jelly Footage Surprises Scientists, Upends Evolutionary Expectations (Christian News Network)

>> The History of Redemption: A Story that Involves You (The Creation Club)

>> Scientists Who Set Out to Create Simple Genome Astonished by Sheer Complexity of Life (Christian News Network)

>> Strangely Dim (Come Awake)

>> NASA Astronaut Soon to Break Record in Space: ‘I Don’t Find Conflict With Science, Scriptures’ (Christian News Network)

>> Secondary and Tertiary Markets: Multifamily (Texas Multifamily Group)

>> Growing Number of Major U.S. Corporations Embracing Eastern Meditation Practices (Christian News Network)

>> Mountains and Ants (Come Awake)

>> Scientific Journal Retracts Paper Referencing Human Hand’s ‘Design by Creator’ (Christian News Network)

>> Object Lessons in the Bible (The Creation Club)

>> What Makes Christianity Different? (Come Awake)

>> 295 Million Year Old Silk? Recent Discovery Could Be Problematic for Evolutionists (Christian News Network)

>> Judge Sides with Atheists, Orders School Board to Stop Praying Before Meetings (Christian News Network)

>> Churches Counter Darwin Birthday Events With ‘Creation Sunday,’ ‘Stop Darwin Day’ (Christian News Network)

>> Dying Words (Come Awake)

>> Professing Atheist: Impossible to Escape Subconscious Awareness of God’s Presence (Christian News Network)

>> Genesis vs. Abiogenesis (The Creation Club)

>> A Headache for Evolutionists? Scientists Discover ‘Unimaginable Complexity’ in DNA (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Prison Ministries Prevail in Court After Secular Group Attempts to Strip State Funding (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Homeschooling Family Sued for Allowing Children to Play Outside (Christian News Network)

>> ‘A Trend Toward Openness’: Dating Site Adds Feature for Users to Hook Up With Multiple Partners (Christian News Network)

>> Need validation for home schooling? Numbers don’t lie… (Texas Home School Coalition)

>> Discovery of Water Deep Below Earth’s Surface May Confirm Biblical Accounts (Christian News Network)

>> Christmas & Creation: Separating Fact from Fiction (The Creation Club)

>> Evolutionists Startled by ‘Exceptionally Preserved’ Embryos in Ancient Fossils (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Museum to Demonstrate ‘the Magnificent Harmony Between Science and the Bible’ (Christian News Network)

>> 52-Year-Old ‘Transgender’ Man Leaves Wife, Seven Children to Live as Six-Year-Old Girl (Christian News Network)

>> Confirmed Dinosaur Blood on Ancient Fossil Astonishes Evolutionists (Christian News Network)

>> History—Important? (The Creation Club)

>> ‘Get ’Em Young’: Evolutionists Praise New Book Teaching Children About Their ‘Grandmother Fish’ (Christian News Network)

>> ‘The Heavens Declare’: Discovery of ‘Baffling’ Features on Pluto’s Surface Defies Evolutionary Models (Christian News Network)

>> ‘It Forces Us to Rethink All These Models’: Discovery Shatters Secular Scientists’ Expectations (Christian News Network)

>> A Relic from Solomon’s Temple? Rare 3,000-Year-Old Seal Discovered on Temple Mount (Christian News Network)

>> Disney-Pixar Promoting Evolution? Ken Ham Warns Parents About ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Movie (Christian News Network)

>> Report: Even Atheists, Agnostics, Nonreligious Americans See Evidence for Creator (Christian News Network)

>> Archaeologist Believes Remains of Sodom’s Fiery Destruction Have Been Found (Christian News Network)

>> Finding Noah’s Ark: Documentary Explores Ongoing Search for Biblical Vessel (Christian News Network)

>> Consumers Vow to Avoid Doritos After Company Unveils ‘Gay Pride Rainbow Chips’ (Christian News Network)

>> Documentary Reveals ‘Incredible Journey of Discovery’ Confirming Biblical Exodus Account (Christian News Network)

>> Ohio School District Allows ‘Transgender’ Female Student to Use Boys’ Restroom (Christian News Network)

>> ‘A Real Challenge’: Discovery of Enormous Galaxy Ring Contradicts Big Bang Model (Christian News Network)

>> Eight-Armed Enigma? Octopus Research Reveals Problems for Evolutionary Theory (Christian News Network)

>> Natural Selection, ‘Engine of Evolution,’ May Actually Inhibit Evolution, Scientists Find (Christian News Network)

>> Nuclear Physicist Declares: ‘Science Will Never Contradict The Bible’ (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Science Supports Genesis’: Geneticist Says Evidence Confirms Biblical Adam and Eve (Christian News Network)

>> Evolutionist Professor Resigns from Christian College after School Affirms Genesis Creation Account (Christian News Network)

>> July 2015 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> ‘Audacity’: Uncompromising Ray Comfort Film on Homosexuality to Be Released This Week (Christian News Network)

>> Support for a Young Earth? Scientists Baffled by Preserved Dinosaur Blood Cells (Christian News Network)

>> New Report Reveals Explosive Growth of Home Schooling across United States (Texas Home School Coalition)

>> ‘Astounding’: Christian Discovers Ancient Fish Fossils Deemed ‘Significant’ Scientific Find (Christian News Network)

>> June 2015 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> Evangelical College Defends Decision to Allow Homosexual Student Group on Campus (Christian News Network)

>> 2015 Coldwell Banker Commercial Insight market report (Coldwell Banker Commercial)

>> Evolution Supporters Oppose Bill That Encourages Objective Review of Scientific Theories (Christian News Network)

>> Composition assignments (schoolwork from Texas Tech University)

>> Shell-Shocked: Preserved Proteins in Supposedly Ancient Shells Surprises Scientists (Christian News Network)

>> May 2015 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> Evolutionary Embarrassment: Part of Famous ‘Ape-Man’ Skeleton Actually Came from Baboon (Christian News Network)

>> DVD Series Documents Homeschooling Family’s Creation Evangelism in Remote Jungle (Christian News Network)

>> New Museum to Present ‘Overwhelming Evidence for Creation’ (Christian News Network)

>> Humanists Threaten Legal Action After Elementary Teacher Gives Bibles to Students (Christian News Network)

>> April 2015 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> ‘Revolutionary’ Feature Film Created by Homeschoolers to Open in Theaters Nationwide (Christian News Network)

>> College Ministry Kicked off Campus for Requiring Leaders to Be Christian (Christian News Network)

>> Possible Proof for Noah’s Flood Found at Bottom of Atlantic Ocean (Christian News Network)

>> Humanists Seek to Honor Scopes ‘Monkey’ Trial Evolutionist with Statue in Courthouse Lawn (Christian News Network)

>> Big Bang Blunder: Scientists Retract Alleged Proof of Universe’s Beginnings (Christian News Network)

>> March 2015 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> Archaeologists May Have Uncovered Ruins of Important Old Testament City (Christian News Network)

>> Study Finds Homeschoolers Less Likely to Leave Faith Than Public, Private Schooled Students (Christian News Network)

>> Hundreds of ‘Churches’ to Celebrate ‘Evolution Sunday’ as Others Celebrate ‘Creation Sunday’ (Christian News Network)

>> Delaware Governor Declares February 12 as ‘Charles Darwin Day’ (Christian News Network)

>> February 2015 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> ‘Are We Significant?’ New Christian Film Challenges Secular Premises on Earth’s Uniqueness (Christian News Network)

>> Parents Oppose District’s Policy of ‘Interrogating’ Homeschoolers on Religious Beliefs (Christian News Network)

>> Russian University Plans to Create a ‘Noah’s Ark’ Database of All Living Species (Christian News Network)

>> Bestselling Author Declares: Science Supports the Existence of a Creator (Christian News Network)

>> January 2015 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Synagogue in Israel Where Jesus May Have Taught (Christian News Network)

>> Did King David Actually Exist? Extraordinary Artifact Confirms Biblical Account (Christian News Network)

>> Arizona Biology Teacher Mocks Jesus, Biblical Creation in Lecture Slide (Christian News Network)

>> ‘This Will Not End Well’: School Board Allows ‘Transgender’ Males to Play on Girls’ Teams (Christian News Network)

>> New Book Validates Bible’s Historical Accounts, Challenges Evolutionary Timeline (Christian News Network)

>> December 2014 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> National Homosexual Activist Organization Targets Christians in Latest Campaign (Christian News Network)

>> Secular Group Seeks to Ban Biblical Creation from Public Schools in Scotland (Christian News Network)

>> Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ Releases Book to Promote Evolution, Disparage Biblical Creation (Christian News Network)

>> November 2014 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> Prominent Atheist Organization Closely Tied to Abortion Industry (Christian News Network)

>> Vatican Astronomer Calls Young Earth Creation Beliefs ‘Almost Blasphemous’ (Christian News Network)

>> Renowned Chemist Says Evolutionists Do Not Understand the Origin of Life (Christian News Network)

>> ‘From Birth to Adulthood:’ Christian Group Decries Proposal to Monitor Connecticut Homeschoolers (Christian News Network)

>> South Carolina Senator: Darwinism Has Replaced Christianity in Public Schools (Christian News Network)

>> Construction to Begin Next Month on Historic Bible Museum in Washington, D.C. (Christian News Network)

>> Latest Ray Comfort Film to Address Homosexuality ‘Without Compromise’ (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Even If I Am Going to Hell’: Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ Defends Evolutionary Beliefs (Christian News Network)

>> Muslim Man Threatens Shooting Rampage on High School Over Israel/Hamas Conflict (Christian News Network)

>> September 2014 Engedi Connection (Engedi Conference)

>> Pastors Want Youth Occult Books Removed from Library: ‘It’s Dangerous for Our Kids’ (Christian News Network)

>> Ohio Bill to Repeal Common Core Standards Faces Opposition from Evolutionists (Christian News Network)

>> Atheists Urge Pizza Parlor to End Discounts for Churchgoing Patrons (Christian News Network)

>> Closed for Good? Ohio Judge Orders Notorious Abortionist to Shutter Facility (Christian News Network)

>> Construction Begins on Much-Anticipated Noah’s Ark Project in Northern Kentucky (Christian News Network)

>> British Officials Condemn Biblical Creation, Compare It to Radical Islam (Christian News Network)

>> Humanists Threaten Legal Action Against Military Base for Display of Gideons Bibles (Christian News Network)

>> Discovery of Fossilized Brain Matter Floors Scientists, Challenges Evolution (Christian News Network)

>> Another Abortion Facility Closes in Texas as State’s Abortion Rate Falls by 13% (Christian News Network)

>> City Rescinds Decision to Cancel Chick-fil-A Sponsored Event Following Outcry (Christian News Network)

>> South Carolina Approves Measure to Facilitate Critiquing of Evolution in Schools (Christian News Network)

>> Homosexual Man Fired from Children’s Ministry for Introducing Boyfriend to Kids (Christian News Network)

>> Ohio State Psychology Course Teaches Christians Are Dumber Than Atheists (Christian News Network)

>> Camp Teaches Kids How to Defend Evolution Against Creation ‘Bullying’ (Christian News Network)

>> ‘We Will Not Tolerate Your Religion!’ School Fires Scientist for Questioning Evolution (Christian News Network)

>> Four Trustees Resign from Bryan College as Creation Controversy Continues (Christian News Network)

>> Pennsylvania Mosque Leader in Jail for Attempting to Hack Off Man’s Hand (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Hail Satan’: At-Large Arizona Arsonist Burns Bibles at Churches, Praises Devil (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Christianity is Abhorrent’: More Atheistic Materials to be Distributed in Public Schools (Christian News Network)

>> Do ‘Atheists’ Actually Not Exist? Scientists Say All People Innately Believe in God (Christian News Network)

>> Incest Next ‘Civil Right’? Judge Reprimanded for Suggesting Incest is Legal (Christian News Network)

>> President of Christian College Defends School’s Biblical Creation Stance in Court (Christian News Network)

>> Senators Propose Bill to Reverse Hobby Lobby Decision and Reinstate Abortion Pill Mandate (Christian News Network)

>> Was the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision Also a Victory for ‘Gay Rights’? (Christian News Network)

>> Chilling Implications? Largest Bank Asks Workers if They Support Homosexuality (Christian News Network)

>> Evolutionists Infuriated by Creation Cartoon Shown in Public School (Christian News Network)

>> TV Preachers Glowingly Describe Meeting with Pope to Tear Down ‘Walls of Division’ (Christian News Network)

>> Obama Celebrates Ramadan Month, Plans to Host Islamic Dinner at White House (Christian News Network)

>> City Cancels Chick-fil-A Sponsored Event, Cite Owners’ ‘Criminal’ Beliefs (Christian News Network)

>> Apostate Pastor’s Pro-Homosexual Sermon Earns Him Special Trip to White House (Christian News Network)

>> Federal Judge: Forced Removal of Christian Materials from Classroom Was Legal (Christian News Network)

>> Bad News for the Big Bang: Secular Scientists Claim Universe Shouldn’t Exist (Christian News Network)

>> Is the ‘Gay Gene’ a Myth? Scientists Say Homosexuality Impossible to Determine by DNA (Christian News Network)

>> Controversial ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Reality Show Given Second Season (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Homeschooling Families Lead Fight Against ‘Common Core’ Standards (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Fountains of the Great Deep’ Discovered? Scientists Find Huge Underground Ocean (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Donate a Diaper’ Seeks to Give Diapers to Parents Who Choose Life for Their Babies (Christian News Network)

>> Upcoming Christian Film to ‘Cause a Stir’ in Creation/Evolution Debate (Christian News Network)

>> Southern Baptists Unanimously Affirm Biblical Sexuality, Oppose ‘Transgenderism’ (Christian News Network)

>> Hipster Hillsong ‘Pastor’ Drawing Concern for Concealing Beliefs on Homosexuality (Christian News Network)

>> Utah Police Officer Suspended for Refusing to Work at Openly Lewd ‘Gay Pride’ Parade (Christian News Network)

>> Secular Organization Prepares to Launch ‘World’s First Atheist TV Channel’ (Christian News Network)

>> Southern Baptist ‘Church’ Votes to Keep Pro-Homosexual Minister, Go ‘Third Way’ (Christian News Network)

>> National Park Service Initiative Seeks to ‘Celebrate and Interpret LGBT Heritage’ (Christian News Network)

>> HHS Board Rules Medicare Must Cover Sex Change Operations (Christian News Network)

>> Irish Pastor Under ‘Hate Crime’ Investigation for Sunday Sermon Against Islam (Christian News Network)

>> Former Abortion Facility Manager Turns to Christ, Recants Pro-Abortion Beliefs (Christian News Network)

>> Publisher of Popular Christian Books to Release Jennifer Knapp’s Lesbian Memoir (Christian News Network)

>> Creation Museum Unveils ‘Exceptional’ Dinosaur Exhibit to Challenge Evolution (Christian News Network)

>> States Reject Science Education Standards that Promote Evolution, Global Warming (Christian News Network)

>> 20 and Counting: Abortion Facilities Continue to Close Due to Texas Pro-Life Law (Christian News Network)

>> South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Candidate Warns of Dangers of Public Schools (Christian News Network)

>> Kentucky School to Allow ‘Transgender’ Students Access to Opposite Sex Restrooms (Christian News Network)

>> Professors Sue Bryan College Over School’s Adherence to Biblical Creation Account (Christian News Network)

>> Controversy Erupts After Student Asked to Leave Church Prom Over Dress, Behavior (Christian News Network)

>> Report writing assignments (schoolwork from Texas Tech University)

>> Lesbian Houston Mayor Promotes Ordinance to Allow Men in Women’s Restrooms (Christian News Network)

>> Professors Resign from Christian College As Creation/Evolution Rift Continues (Christian News Network)

>> Three Lesbian Women ‘Marry’ Each Other, Claim to Be World’s First ‘Throuple’ (Christian News Network)

>> South Carolina Education Committee Allows Critical Discussion of Evolution (Christian News Network)

>> New Poll Reveals Widespread Skepticism in U.S. Toward Evolution, Big Bang (Christian News Network)

>> Ray Comfort’s ‘NOAH’ Film Receives Over One Million Views, Exceeds Expectations (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Bad for Humankind’: Bill Nye Attacks Ken Ham’s Biblical Beliefs in Opinion Column (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Officials Seize Possession of Ranch Developed by Mormon Polygamist Sect Leader (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Science Does Not Disprove God’: Renowned Mathematician Declares that God Exists (Christian News Network)

>> New PBS Series Pushing Evolution Urges Viewers to ‘Come Face-to-Face with Their Inner Fish’ (Christian News Network)

>> Upcoming ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipses Spark Woes, Discussion About End Times Bible Prophecy (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Created on the Sixth Day’: Proposed South Carolina Bill Recognizes Creation of Woolly Mammoth (Christian News Network)

>> Aborted U.K. Babies Treated as Clinical Waste, Burned to Heat Hospitals (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Student Barred from Preaching on Community College Campus Files Suit (Christian News Network)

>> Controversy Erupts After Christian School Affirms Commitment to Literal Creation Account (Christian News Network)

>> Public School Teacher Allegedly Rejects 8-Year-Old’s Paper for Citing Jesus as Her Hero (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Terrible Miscarriage of Justice’: Christian Family Continues Fight for Custody of Children (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Sports Ministry Under Attack After Denouncing Policies of U.S. Olympic Committee (Christian News Network)

>> ‘You’re Terrorists!’ Angry Professor Steals, Destroys Pro-Life Sign Held By Christian Group (Christian News Network)

>> Louisiana Bills Could End Objective Discussions of Creation vs. Evolution in Public Schools (Christian News Network)

>> First-Ever ‘Combination Birth Center’ Offers Birthing Services and Abortions in the Same Building (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Mother Earth Cooked It!’ Evolutionist Claims Space Molecules from Meteorites Led to Life on Earth (Christian News Network)

>> Research Reveals Human/Chimp Genetic Disparities, Undermines Evolutionary Theory (Christian News Network)

>> Megachurch Minister Remains Under Fire for Allegedly Manufacturing Mass Baptisms (Christian News Network)

>> Ray Comfort to Release Biblical ‘NOAH’ Movie on Same Day as Controversial Hollywood Film (Christian News Network)

>> ‘What’s the Use of Keeping this Baby Alive?’ Belgian Lawmakers Legalize Euthanasia for Children (Christian News Network)

>> S. Senators Introduce Legislation to Protect Right of States to Preserve Definition of Marriage (Christian News Network)

>> South Carolina Senator Slammed for Objecting to Proposed Evolutionary Science Standards (Christian News Network)

>> Lawmakers in Belgium Expected to Legalize Euthanasia for Children of All Ages (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Clash of the Worldviews’: An Estimated Three Million People Watch Historic Ken Ham/Bill Nye Debate (Christian News Network)

>> Ohio Lawmaker Withdraws Bill Described as a ‘Misguided Attack on Homeschooling’ (Christian News Network)

>> Museum Removes Donor’s Reference to ‘God’s Creatures’ Following Evolutionist’s Complaint (Christian News Network)

>> Indian Supreme Court Reinstates Ban on Homosexual Acts for Going ‘Against the Order of Nature’ (Christian News Network)

>> Bible Translator Shot to Death While Trying to Protect Family in War-Torn Central African Republic (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Lieutenant Governor Candidates Express Support for Prayer, Biblical Creation in Schools (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Are We Hybrids?’ Evolutionist Claims Humans Evolved After a Chimpanzee Mated with a Pig (Christian News Network)

>> Israeli President Expresses Support for Homosexual ‘Marriage’ (Christian News Network)

>> Report: Christian Church Growing at a Rapid Rate in India (Christian News Network)

>> Discovery of Ancient Spear Tips Confounds Evolutionists, ‘Raises Questions on Evolution’ (Christian News Network)

>> Scottish Politician Criticizes Biblical Creation as ‘Patently Absurd Rubbish’ (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Education Board Sanctions Textbooks That Endorse Evolution (Christian News Network)

>> Archaeologists Seek to ‘Create The Whole Ancient World’ with Virtual Bible Project (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Less Than 1 in 479 Million’: Mathematician Calculates Impossibility of Contriving Creation Account (Christian News Network)

>> Abortion Advocates Call for Cancellation of Duggar Family’s ’19 Kids and Counting’ (Christian News Network)

>> Evolutionists Claim Clay Caused Life to Spontaneously Emerge From Non-Life (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Can You Explain What You Believe?’ New Christian Film to Promote Bold Defense of Faith (Christian News Network)

>> Unprecedented Skull Discovery Raises Serious Questions Over Evolutionary Premises (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Official Refuses to Enforce New Abortion Regulations Until Ruled Constitutional (Christian News Network)

>> Unprecedented Blood-Filled Mosquito Fossil Raises Questions Over Evolutionary Dating Methods (Christian News Network)

>> USC Professor Claims Ray Comfort’s ‘Evolution vs. God’ Documentary Is ‘Biblical Porn’ (Christian News Network)

>> Outspoken Lesbian Minister Promoted to Dean of Vanderbilt Divinity School (Christian News Network)

>> Innovative New Creation Film to ‘Bring Genesis to Life’ With Cutting-Edge 3D Animation (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Messiah’ Not a Title Held Only by Jesus Christ After All, Tennessee Judge Rules (Christian News Network)

>> Christian University Boots Professor After Announcing ‘Gender Identity Change’ From Female to Male (Christian News Network)

>> Scottish Teachers Removed From Classroom for Distributing Christian Books to Students (Christian News Network)

>> NFL Quarterback Speaks at Conference Celebrating Mormons’ ‘Beautiful’ Acceptance of Homosexuality (Christian News Network)

>> Hindu, Muslim, Jewish Groups Join Fight Against Texas Cheerleaders’ Bible Banners (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Pastors Rally Against San Antonio Bill ‘Promoting Intolerant Agenda Directed at Christians’ (Christian News Network)

>> Canadian Judge: Gideons Cannot Distribute Bibles in Public School District (Christian News Network)

>> Indonesian School Official Wants Female Students to Take Virginity Tests Before High School (Christian News Network)

>> Feds Offer Tax Breaks to Influential Atheist Who Fights Against Benefits for Clergy (Christian News Network)

>> Terrorist Admits He Was ‘Defending’ His Muslim Faith in 2009 Fort Hood Shooting (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Organization Announces Plans for 5K Race to Raise Awareness of Persecuted Church (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Abortion Facility Once Subject of Undercover Sting Operation Announces Impending Closure (Christian News Network)

>> Global Artistic Show Promoting Evolutionary Theory Draws Millions of Attendees (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Legal Group Files Motion Against Bus Agency Following Controversy Over ‘Leaving Islam’ Ad (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Aid Agency Announces Plans to Airlift 3,400 Persecuted Christians from Sudan (Christian News Network)

>> California City Under Fire From Atheists for Allowing Prayers Before Council Meetings (Christian News Network)

>> Egyptian Christians, Copts Endure Horrific Persecution As Violence and Unrest Continue (Christian News Network)

>> Scottish Court Fines Twitter User $60,000 for Disparaging Homosexuality (Christian News Network)

>> Islamists Plan ‘Million Muslim March’ in Nation’s Capital on September 11th (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Megachurch Minister Rebuts Claims That He Supports Ordinance Protecting Homosexuals (Christian News Network)

>> Public School History Textbook Generates Controversy Over Alleged Pro-Muslim Bias (Christian News Network)

>> Cameroon Government Shuts Down Over 50 Pentecostal Churches, Plans to Shutter 100 Total (Christian News Network)

>> ‘It’s a Title Held Only By Jesus Christ:’ Judge Rules ‘Messiah’ Inappropriate Name for Baby (Christian News Network)

>> California Considers Punishing Youth Groups Against Homosexuality as ‘Bathroom Bill’ Becomes Law (Christian News Network)

>> Pioneering Chinese Home Church Leader Samuel Lamb Passes Into Eternity (Christian News Network)

>> Board Seeks Help From Christian Legal Groups Over Plan to Discuss Morality and Creation in Schools (Christian News Network)

>> Pennsylvania Christian Lawmaker Unveils Legislation to Allow Critique of Evolution in Public Schools (Christian News Network)

>> Survivor of Botched Abortion Excels at High School Wrestling Despite Handicaps (Christian News Network)

>> New Polling Statistics Show Support for Evolution Steadily Increasing in U.S. (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Unprecedented’ Ordinances Could Prohibit Christians From Working in San Antonio City Government (Christian News Network)

>> Eight Iranian Christians Sentenced to Prison on Charges of ‘Action Against National Security’ (Christian News Network)

>> Atheist Activist Group Demands Texas City to Cease Holding Public Prayers Before Council Meetings (Christian News Network)

>> Outspoken Atheist Seeks Position As U.S. Navy Chaplain (Christian News Network)

>> S. Senators Issue Clarion Call for Christians to Stand Up and ‘Turn This Country Around’ (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Lawmakers Introduce New Bill Barring Abortions When Heartbeat Detected (Christian News Network)

>> Researchers Discover Remains of King David’s Palace, ‘Unequivocal Evidence’ of Kingdom (Christian News Network)

>> Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Life in Prison Over Accusation of Sending ‘Blasphemous’ Texts (Christian News Network)

>> Appeals Court Affirms Constitutionality of Legislative Prayers Amid Atheist Lawsuit (Christian News Network)

>> Planned Parenthood Announces Closures Following Signing of Texas Pro-Life Bill (Christian News Network)

>> Researchers Unearth Historical Findings at Gath, the Ancient Hometown of Goliath (Christian News Network)

>> Yahoo! News Journalist Slammed for Expressing Belief in Biblical Creation (Christian News Network)

>> Christian Legal Group Tackles Tiff Over Football Coach, Student-Led Prayers (Christian News Network)

>> ACLU Attempts to Prevent Churches’ Public Display of Crosses Despite City Approval (Christian News Network)

>> School Pulls Classes After Atheists Claim Curriculum Distorts ‘Secular and Godless Constitution’ (Christian News Network)

>> Radical Muslim Preacher Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for ‘Contempt of Christianity’ (Christian News Network)

>> Historic Discovery in Israel Sheds Light on Ancient Biblical Lands (Christian News Network)

>> Fuller Seminary Grants Official Recognition to First Homosexual Student Group (Christian News Network)

>> Experts Warn of Negative Consequences as Parenthood Outside of Marriage Gains Popularity (Christian News Network)

>> U.K. Senior Judge: Bed & Breakfast Owner Discriminated Against Homosexuals By Denying Room (Christian News Network)

>> Louisiana Sunday School Ministry Allowed to Resume Outreaches in Public Park Following Lawsuit (Christian News Network)

>> Enormous Interest in Ray Comfort’s ‘Evolution vs. God’ Film Results in Website Crash (Christian News Network)

>> Archaeologist: Discovery of Historic Israeli Jar Fragment Confirms Bible’s Reliability (Christian News Network)

>> Evolutionists: University’s Hiring of Second Creation Advocate Could Be ‘Serious Blow’ to Reputation (Christian News Network)

>> Muslim Jihadists Kill Over 40 Children in Ambush on Nigerian School (Christian News Network)

>> Judge Blocks Wisconsin’s New Abortion Law: Restrictions Will Cause ‘Irreparable Harm’ to Women (Christian News Network)

>> Evolutionist Researcher Claims Humans May One Day Grow Fish-Like ‘Beaks’ (Christian News Network)

>> Evolution-Supporting History Textbook Generates Controversy in Maryland School District (Christian News Network)

>> Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Requiring Abortionists to Show, Describe Ultrasound to Mothers (Christian News Network)

>> Homosexual Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison After Offering ‘Son’ to International Pedophile Ring (Christian News Network)

>> Creation Group Alleges University ‘Deliberately Stacked’ Investigation Against Christian Professor (Christian News Network)

>> California Court Rules Teaching Yoga in Public Schools Does Not ‘Advance or Promote Religion’ (Christian News Network)

>> Ohio Governor Signs Pro-Life Legislation Into Law Despite Protests (Christian News Network)

>> Louisiana Young Marines Program Loses Federal Funding Over ‘Religious Activities’ (Christian News Network)

>> Atheists File Lawsuit Following Alleged ‘Censorship’ of Material Attacking Christianity (Christian News Network)

>> Latest Ray Comfort Film to ‘Shatter the Faith of the Average Believer in Evolution’ (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Late-Term Abortion Bill Delayed in Senate Following 11-Hour Filibuster, Pro-Abortion Protests (Christian News Network)

>> Atheists Launch National Ad Campaign to Urge Boy Scouts to Allow Unbelieving Members (Christian News Network)

>> White House Officials Meet with Atheist Lobbyists to Discuss Obama Admin’s ‘Inclusion of Nontheists’ (Christian News Network)

>> Texas House of Representatives Passes Late-Term Abortion Ban Despite Protests (Christian News Network)

>> Petition Filed on White House Website to Ban the Teaching of Creation in U.S. Schools (Christian News Network)

>> College Professor Facing Criticism After Requiring Students to Wear Homosexual Ribbons 21 Jun 2013 (Christian News Network)

>> Lesbian Petitions Against Christian University After Homosexual Partner Expelled, Asked to Pay Debt (Christian News Network)

>> Wiccan Academy Teaches Pagan Witchcraft in Downtown New York City (Christian News Network)

>> Groundbreaking Genetic Discoveries Challenge Ape to Human Evolutionary Theory (Christian News Network)

>> Lesbian Mother Petitions Against Florida Middle School for Forcing Teen Son to Remove Makeup (Christian News Network)

>> Maine Supreme Court Hears Case of Twin Boy Suing School Over ‘Right’ to Use Girls’ Restroom (Christian News Network)

>> Dinosaur Skin Discovery Threatens to Debunk Long-Held Evolutionary Assumptions (Christian News Network)

>> Islamic Advocacy Group Pushing for Muslim Prayer Accommodations in Michigan School (Christian News Network)

>> Texas Christian University Cites ‘Diversity’ in Recognizing Atheist Group, Embracing All Religions (Christian News Network)

>> Proposed Education Bill Would Require Federally-Funded Schools to Protect Homosexual Students (Christian News Network)

>> Super Bowl Champion Shuns White House Invite Over Obama’s ‘God Bless’ Planned Parenthood Remark (Christian News Network)

>> ‘Blessed Are the Peacemakers’ Painting Removed From Idaho Air Force Base Following Complaint (Christian News Network)

>> Atheist Group to Launch Hotline Providing ‘Support and Resources to Leave Faith’ (Christian News Network)

>> Town Council to Permit Prayers in Jesus’ Name Following Criticism of Revised Prayer Policy (Christian News Network)

>> Louisiana Lawmakers Reject Proposed Repeal of State’s ‘Creation Science and Evolution Science Act’ (Christian News Network)

>> Innovative New Homeschool Academy Launched to Teach Science From Biblical Worldview (Christian News Network)

>> Milwaukee Elementary School’s ‘Gender Bender’ Crossdressing Day Shocks, Angers Parents (Christian News Network)

>> Battle Over Cheerleaders’ Bible Banners Rages On in Texas Appeals Court (Christian News Network)

>> Historic Dead Sea Scroll Fragments to Be Auctioned to Public (Christian News Network)

>> Anglican Author Censured After Atheists Decry Presentation Challenging Scientific Philosophies (Christian News Network)

>> Ohio Town Debates Proposal to Teach Morality and Creation in Schools (Christian News Network)

>> Former Abortionist Turned Pro-Life Exposes Gruesome Reality of ‘Choice’ to Congress (Christian News Network)

>> Atheist Group Plans to Protest Texas Homeschool Convention (Christian News Network)

>> S. Department of State Releases Grim Outlook for Global Religious Freedom (Christian News Network)

>> Ball State University Science Professor Under Fire for Questioning Evolution (Christian News Network)

>> Father’s Feud With Christian School Over Creation Quiz Results in Unexpected Financial Support (Christian News Network)